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Why Is Part Of The Regeneration Of Nitrile Rubber Gloves Will Have Stains

Recycled green nitrile rubber gloves (Recycled Nitrile glove) by pretreatment and after the special dust-free cleaning, after tests showed that its level of performance indicators fully meet the new gloves. Gloves during use because the use of the process and contact products (equipment/tools) of different gloves will have varying degrees of pen marks, stains, and some look more serious stains decontamination of gloves, in the performance indicators under the premise of not reducing gloves are guaranteed, these stains will complete removal is not possible, but stains can effectively be played down. Therefore, the part in the regeneration of environmentally friendly nitrile rubber gloves glove looks slightly different than gloves, used in the surface of the stain will not peel, they will not have an adverse effect on product.